Pilot Lands Too Low

Pilot Lands Too Low | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / 3 Minutes of Aviation

A Close Call

Three friends were plane spotting at Hilversum Airport, Netherlands, when this Cessna 172P Skyhawk approached them very closely.

Luckily, the Cessna missed the three by just a couple of feet! A plane can definitely approach that low, but landing THAT low is impossible. The pilot had to do multiple touch-and-goes before finally having a successful landing.

YouTube / 3 Minutes of Aviation

To make matters worse, there was a parachute show going on nearby at the same time as this pilot’s attempted landing.

According to people who live near the airport, these kinds of landings are actually not that uncommon in their area. The airport houses a training center for student pilots, so crazy landings are to be expected.

Still, the student pilot inside that Cessna must have been shaken from this close call.

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