MiG Landing In Slow Motion Exposes Troubling Truth

MiG Landing In Slow Motion Exposes Troubling Truth | World War Wings Videos

Oleg Chernikov

You’ve Got To Love Slow Motion

With the advent and widespread use of slow motion cameras, the internet is filled with virtually everything in slow motion. From a boyfriend getting slapped by his girlfriend to popped water balloons, slow motion seems to make anything worth watching.

In this great video we found, a MiG-29 snags the wire on a carrier. Most of us here are aviation buffs, so a landing like that is great to see because we all know that naval aviators have the toughest job ever. Landing on a rolling, pitching “stamp in the middle of the ocean” is a feat all to itself and we all certainly appreciate it.

When we saw it happen in slow motion though, many more things came to light. What we mean is the engineering of the planes themselves. It’s a no brainer that hitting a deck like navy planes do is rough, but upon closer inspection it’s even rougher than we thought.

When you watch the video (we recommend you do it at least twice), notice the fuselage. The whole thing sags as the pilot sets the bird down. What’s even crazier are the rear wheels though, especially the left one. Notice how it wobbles as the plane touches down, looking as if it’ll fall off completely.

Now remember that these planes do that time and time again. That’s a helluva beating on each landing and the engineering behind it is almost incomprehensible to us. The truth is that there’s more to a carrier landing than meets the eye.

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