The GUN Behind Britain’s Iconic Spitfire and Hurricane

The GUN Behind Britain’s Iconic Spitfire and Hurricane | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Royal Armouries

The Iconic Gun Behind it All 

If you’re an aviation fan, then you’ve probably heard about the most famous fighter in Britain who defended the skies of Britain during World War II. But have you heard about one of the key weapons that made it quite successful? 

YouTube / Royal Armouries

Well, firearms expert, Jonathan Ferguson gives us a walk-through of the 20mm Hispano auto-cannon. If you’ve always wondered what kind of mechanisms they used back in the day to knock down Axis aircraft, Ferguson provided an excellent description of the HS cannon system. 

YouTube / Royal Armouries

Got to give it to him, mainly an arms guy, to have a good appreciation of both the engineering of the plane and the way it’s operated. This video is something pretty cool to learn about. 

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