Spitfire MK XVI – First Engine Run in 17 Years!

Spitfire MK XVI – First Engine Run in 17 Years! | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Fantasy Of Flight

Brought Back to Life After 17 Years

This Supermarine Spitfire MK XVI rolled out of the hangar for its first engine run in 17 years! It took owner Kermit Weeks, an American aviation enthusiast, pilot, and aircraft collector, several years to get the right bolts.

At first, Spitfire had trouble starting. Weeks said that the mixture control wasn’t marked on the throttle quadrant, and may have flooded it. Fortunately, after several tries, the plane was finally brought back to life! And there’s nothing quite like the sound of that piston engine- how it roared.

It’s amazing watching war birds like this legendary Spitfire be up and running after decades of inactivity. Spitfires are credited to saving England in WWII, and watching this plane come back to life is an absolute goosebumps moment! We could not wait to see this aircraft be airworthy again.


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