Spitfire Revs Up For The First Time After Decades

Spitfire Revs Up For The First Time After Decades | World War Wings Videos

Fantasy Of Flight YouTube

A True Big Boy’s Toy.

It’s been my dream to fly this legendary bird — the Spitfire. Sure, it looks great tearing through the sky but just imagine if you’re the one behind the controls. Yep, that would make it on top of my bucket list. For the record, I’m insanely jealous of this guy, Kermit right now. But you know, we can always dream. Anyway, you can’t help but appreciate that beautiful, sweet sound when the engines started running. For some reason, it will bring tears to your eyes trust me. I admit when it creaked and wouldn’t start, I was holding on to my seat.

It’s a very special plane — historical and iconic not to mention perhaps the best-looking warbird there ever was. It’s like it has a personality of its own. No wonder it’s loved by the pilots, crews and pretty much anyone who lays eyes on it! So do yourselves a favor and check out this awesome video. It’s almost like being Dr. Frankenstein when his monster was being brought to life.

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