Step Inside A Vicious Dictator’s Ridiculous “Air Force One” – This Is Too Much

Step Inside A Vicious Dictator’s Ridiculous “Air Force One” – This Is Too Much | World War Wings Videos

(Times of Malta/The Independent)

Afriqiyah One.

Muammar Gaddafi had a reputation for being one of the cruelest dictators ever seen by anyone on the African continent. For over 40 years he violated human rights ruling over Libya until he was literally torn apart by the people of Sirte in 2011. Shortly after his death, the media got to investigate the personal jet of Muammar Gaddafi, so how did he fly?

Following the deaths of many dictators, we get a look into their lives and sometimes they turn out to be quite lavish. For example, Sadaam Hussein’s palace was decorated with rare science fiction paintings and had dozens of luxury cars in the garage. Adolf Hitler kept relics of archaeology and exquisite artwork. Meanwhile, Muammar Gaddafi had a jet that could give even the fanciest airliners a run for their money.

Business Insider

Muammar Gaddafi purchased this Airbus A340 in 2006 from a Saudi Prince for a hefty price tag of $120 million, which is a bargain considering that Prince Jefri of Brunei spent $250 customizing it. Inside there are a variety of luxurious living spaces including meeting rooms, a king-size bed for the former Libyan leader and a host of cushy leather armchairs for his crew.


“In March 2011 it was grounded when a no-fly zone was declared over Libya following a UN resolution.  Six months later rebels fighting to overthrow Gaddafi captured the airport. Although several aircraft at the airport were completely destroyed during the fighting, Afriqiyah One only suffered some shrapnel damage.”

This video gives a deeper look at the personal jet that took the late Muammar Gaddafi on his trips around the world.

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