Super STOL Highlights Demonstrate Capabilities

Super STOL Highlights Demonstrate Capabilities | World War Wings Videos


That Looks Almost Impossible.

Now before all you purists start going for our jugular, the title of this article isn’t of course meant to be taken seriously. Laws of physics can’t be broken and these guys use them to their advantage, but if you show this clip to a person not familiar with aviation, it might seem almost impossible. Got it?

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about what you’ll be looking at here.

The Valdez Fly-In and Airshow has been taking place for 13 years in Alaska. The event is broken down into three parts: flight education, pilot competitions (like you’ll see in this video) and the airshow.

According to their Facebook page, their mission is to “inspire our youth, create pilot camaraderie that spans across experience level & physical distance, showcase our beautiful city & natural world, entertain our citizens, and create a positive kick-off for the summer flying season.”

The takeoff of the Cub at 1:34 is the truly one of the best we’ve seen.

The video we wanted to share with you was of the highlights from this year’s competition. The event consists of 2 heats in which pilots try to take off and land in the shortest distance possible. Some of these you won’t believe.

Although their planes (mostly modified Cubs) are fairly light, it’s still incredible to see how these pilots handle them. Check it out for yourself.

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