Supersonic F-22 Roars Into The Sky At The Arctic Thunder Air Show

Supersonic F-22 Roars Into The Sky At The Arctic Thunder Air Show | World War Wings Videos

Liz Matzelle

Arctic Thunder.

The F-22 is enjoying the spotlight lately as the only functional fifth-generation fighter we have in our arsenal. While other new-age jets struggle to get off the ground the F-22 is flying circles around them. At the Arctic Thunder Air Show in Alaska, fans braved the freezing temperatures to see the F-22 in action.

The enthusiastic staff at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richards gave a spectacular welcome to the F-22 as it bolts right into a vertical take-off. Flying through the clouds with a supersonic roar, leaving double vapor trails as it passes.

Liz Matzelle

“While chartered to promote and support air shows at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, the Association is really all about inspiration, commemoration and education. Aviation, whether civil or military, plays a vital role in Alaska’s history, development and every day life. The Association is proud to provide flyers and aircraft that enthusiastically promote the importance of aviation and Alaska’s aviation heritage. And we are proud to support scholarships for Alaska’s future aviators.”

Liz Matzelle

All of those High-G maneuvers keep the audience on their toes. You have to watch this clip and see just how amazing that F-22 is at Arctic Thunder.

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