Taking A 12 Horsepower RC P-38 Up Into The Sky

Taking A 12 Horsepower RC P-38 Up Into The Sky | World War Wings Videos

R/C Channel Austria / YouTube

I Want One So Bad.

When it comes to aviation, we don’t really care what it is. Although we’re extremely fond of World War II warbirds, we like anything that flies. Be it helicopters, bombers or experimental jets, we love them all (for the most part.)

We have to admit though. When we started out we didn’t really know much about Rc planes and the culture that surrounds them. Well, we knew ABOUT them, but never really gave them second thought. As we’ve grown over the years, we certainly realized our mistake in not taking more interest in them.

Some of the hobbyists who build these things are truly talented. Not only do they hand build some of their planes, they do need a lot of aviation knowhow to land them safely too. Also, we’ve seen some World War II warbirds that made our jaws drop. The one in this video is one of them.

Here are some of the specs this guy provided:

  • Weight: approx. 50 lbs.
  • Wingspan: 12 ft.
  • Awesome level: 99

Doing some nifty calculations like division and…well that’s about it, we figured that its power to weight ratio is .12. The ratio of a real P-38 Lightning is .16, so this Rc should fly just right. Check out this video and see for yourself.

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