Talented Videographer Makes Nordic Warbirds Look Good

Talented Videographer Makes Nordic Warbirds Look Good | World War Wings Videos

Jesper Rådegård

Cinematic Warbirds.

Warbirds are a thing of beauty, but rarely ever do they look this good. These masterpieces of the skies come to us thanks to Jan Andersson and his Nordic Warbirds. Throughout this entire film, there is never a moment that does not capture the dynamic intensity of these planes. From exhaust fumes rising off their engines, flying over crystal clear lakes or landing down in from of the setting sun the Nordic Warbirds here to impress.

“Nordic Warbirds is a collection of privately owned aircraft included in Vasteras Aviation Museum and currently consists of aircraft A-26B Invader, DH 115 Vampire, 2xSK16 / Texan and Hawker Hunter T.7. All aircraft are unique and some even rarities.”

Jesper Rådegård films these glorious warbirds in a style that has rarely seen before. Their beauty captured in a cinematic quality that shows just their beauty and their power. We know how amazing these warbirds are but thanks to the efforts of Jan Andersson and Jesper Rådegård now we can share with a film with the world and bring others in to know our passion.

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