Taliban Shoot Down American Celebrity Icon

Taliban Shoot Down American Celebrity Icon | World War Wings Videos

You’re About To See Some Heartless Bastards In Action

Assuming you’ve already watched it, you now have an idea why we’re fuming mad about this.  Really? He’s cuddly, adorable, and harmless. Why, just why? Although it made us wonder why he’s still on active duty. Isn’t he like pushing eighty by now? But whatever, if this doesn’t break your heart, we don’t know what will. After seeing this, no one is this room was left with a dry eye. We can’t even begin to describe the moment of impact on the ground — so helpless, fragile and a victim of merciless assault. We were quaking in anger looking at how weakened and in dire need of medical help he was.

It’s one of those things you wish you can un-see. *Sigh* We can only they can’t sleep at night. We’re shedding manly tears here, just so you know.

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