Tell Me This Isn’t The Craziest Flyby You’ve Ever Seen

Tell Me This Isn’t The Craziest Flyby You’ve Ever Seen | World War Wings Videos

Denys Tomenchyk

You Gotta Love It Though.

Although we don’t condone the behavior and do promote safe flying practices, we have to say that flybys are the best. The faster and lower the better is what we always say, but in this case, it’s the “bigger” that’s the case. It’s something we’ve never even thought about.

We’ve shown you everything from Corsairs to Hornets getting low to the deck and thought we saw it all. Until now.

Here we have a massive transport plane coming in hot over people on the runway and as you’ll see, they loved it but at the same time some of them got a bit freaked out. The person on the left hand side of the screen and another on the plane’s wing ducked when this beast got overhead.

In the United States, Il-76s are used for fire fighting duties.

According to the description, this took place in Ukraine. This makes sense, as the rules in the U.S. are much stricter and it might have been hard to get away with this. In any case, we’re glad someone got this on camera.

As for the plane, it’s an Il-76 in case you don’t recognize it. Introduced in 1974 by Russia/Soviet Union, this strategic air-lifter is powered by four-turbofans. It’s massive and able to lift up to 60 tonnes depending on the variant.

Check this out and tell us these people aren’t crazy.

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