This New Fighter Could Replace The F-35 – And It’s Only A Fraction Of The Price

This New Fighter Could Replace The F-35 – And It’s Only A Fraction Of The Price | World War Wings Videos

Textron Airland

See. Sense. Sting.

As modern aircraft keep advancing, a pressing concern is the price of fighter jets. Many fifth-generation fighters cost upwards of $100 million and have an operating price of $30,000 to $60,000 per hour. Nations can spend large sums of money on fighters but their performance is what matters the most and that’s where the Scorpion comes into play. Designed by Textron and Airland Enterprises the Scorpion is a proposed aircraft that could revolutionize the fighter jet industry. The development of this fighter began in 2011 and took only two years to create a fully operational model. The cost per unit is $20 million and only $3,000 per flight hour.

“Today’s tactical military aircraft market is predominantly served by high-cost, high-performance jet fighters or low-cost, slower turboprop aircraft. The Scorpion is designed to deliver the speed and range across the broad middle of this spectrum in an economical configuration that has been unattainable – until now.”

The Scorpion is incredibly versatile functioning as an attack fighter as well as reconnaissance and surveillance vehicle. Flying at speeds of 520 MPH and armed various weapons this jet could be a major player in military combat. With a low cost and quick development time, the U.S. Government could learn a thing or two from the Scorpion.

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