Daesh Film Themsleves Getting Hit By A-10 Warthogs

Daesh Film Themsleves Getting Hit By A-10 Warthogs | World War Wings Videos

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All Hail The A-10!

That sound of impending doom is enough to scare even the most ruthless enemy. Come on, when you hear that BRRRTTTT, the Warthog is basically telling you to run while you still can. Not that it matters anyway. Lol. While we would have loved to see the impact on the ground, we’d happily settle for this ‘fart of death.’ But wait, whoever dared to film this gun run is insanely brave. Dude, when you hear this scary war bird in action, you move away as far as possible — not wait around to record it.

The Warthog is hungry and he’s about to be fed with the enemies. Anyone on the receiving end is sure to have a very, very bad day. That’s not something you’d want to go up against. It’s vastly superior to almost every other military aircraft out there. Now here’s the big question: how can you even consider retiring this beast?

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