The Best Rc Footage Ever: These Planes Sound Awesome!

The Best Rc Footage Ever: These Planes Sound Awesome! | World War Wings Videos

These Zero, Messerschmitt and Thunderbolt Rc Planes Look Like Fun!

If you’re an aviation enthusiast, planes are probably your life, but getting a pilots license might be out of reach for some. Even if you have one, controlling the stick of one of your favorite World War II planes might only remain a dream. The next best thing to that is Rc flying! YES, it’s not the same, but judging by the sound of these small scale engines and difficulty of flying them does make you a pilot of sorts. If you don’t believe us, just watch this footage of some of these World War II fighting stars.

Some quick facts about these fighters:

  • The Mitsubishi A6M Zero was Japan’s number one fighter plane. It had a kill ratio of 12 to 1 until the Allies introduced new war machines and tactics in 1942
  • The Republic P-47 Thunderbolt was one of the United States Army  number one fighters and could also load up to 2, 500 lbs. of bombs, making it an effective fighter bomber
  • The Messerschmitt Bf 109 was the backbone of Germany’s Luftwaffe. The three top German aces flew the Bf 109, which was implemented in most battles throughout the war

Since getting into the the actual cockpit of one of these planes is a far reach for many, you can grab on of these Rcs and still have loads of fun. Even the engines sound almost like the real thing! Enjoy 🙂

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