The D-Day Ship Nobody Wants

The D-Day Ship Nobody Wants | World War Wings Videos

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Yours For Only 40,000!

It’s quite rare to find a WWII ship that nobody wants today – especially one that played a vital role in one of the most critical operations of the war.  

Still, “Juno,” or Light Vessel 72 (LV72), lies abandoned and severely neglected up the river Neath in Wales. Around 80 years ago, this ship was part of Operation Overlord to support the Allied invasion of France.

Juno remained in service after the war until she was sold for scrapping in 1973 to the Steel Supply Company in Neath. Fortunately, the company’s manager recognized her historical value and decided to preserve Juno as much as possible.

Nevertheless, the ship has since deteriorated as it sat on a mud bank adjacent to the scrapyard. 

There were many proposed plans to restore LV72 – including one that could have converted it into a nightclub, but nothing pushed through. 

2023 marks Juno’s 50th year tied up on the river. Untouched, forgotten, and slowly rotting away.

The asking price is apparently 40,000 euros, so if you had that kind of money, you know what to do.

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