See What This Reporter Says About F-35s Fighting In China – Is He Crazy?

See What This Reporter Says About F-35s Fighting In China – Is He Crazy? | World War Wings Videos

The War of 2026.

The development of the Lockheed Martin F-35 remains controversial in the world of military aircraft. The fighter jet with the trillion dollar price tag is not fully functional and the US Air Force has already unveiled plans to use it in a war against China. The plans outline the “War of 2026” pitting the United States against China where our enemies are able to jam radio and radar signals rendering older model jets useless in battle. Stealth Fighters such as the F-22 and F-35 as well as stealth bombers B-2 and B-21 are unaffected by this signal jamming and are able to attack targets without fear of deterrents.

“If you put a fourth-[generation F-15 or F-16 fighter] in there, they’re gonna die.”

– Major General Jeffrey Harrigan

Although the document doesn’t specifically name China as the antagonist they are heavily implied as “a key region abroad”. The War of 2026 stations several F-35 fighters in military bases around the Pacific Ocean positioned to counter nuclear attacks immediately. Over 1,200 F-35 fighters are expected to be produced over the next ten years and established as the universal fighter for the US Air Force. It’s nice to buy toys but they aren’t much fun if you don’t have anyone to play with? Do we really need pick a fight with China to justify the trillion dollar investment in the F-35?

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