The ‘Flying Gun’ Dominating The Skies!

The ‘Flying Gun’ Dominating The Skies! | World War Wings Videos

Look Up! Look Up! Listen To That Sound!

You can call it the “Warthog” or just “Hog”, this twin-engine, straight wing jet aircraft is arguably America’s favorite plane. It was first introduced in March 1977 and used primarily by the United States Air Force. It was designed and crafted for close air support.

  • High survivability
  • Low speed and low altitude maneuverability

Its secondary mission is to provide airborne forward air control, directing other aircraft in attacks on ground targets.

It’s exceptionally tough and can survive direct hits whether it’s from high-explosive projectiles or armor-piercing rounds. Its durability is legendary.  How’s that for one awesome build? See it here in action! That firing sound is simply incredible. It’s definitely one of the toughest warplanes out there. Watch out for the amazing low at 3:05, by the way. Stunning!

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