Enormous Rc B-25 Gets Chased By Bf-109s In This Awesome Clip

Enormous Rc B-25 Gets Chased By Bf-109s In This Awesome Clip | World War Wings Videos

via RCScaleAirplanes/YouTube

If You’re Going To Go, Go Big.

It’s incredibly heartwarming to see that although our favorite World War II warbirds are diminishing every single day, some people keep their history alive, even if it’s just in a form of a remote control plane. These people love aviation and love flying models, but choosing a vintage warplane is something special.

Wingtip to wingtip, this B-25 Mitchell measures 20 ft!

This team of people did just that. Selecting a B-25 Mitchell, they build this plane but the manner in which they did it is even more impressive. They didn’t just buy a small kit and called it a day. They meticulously fabricated the entire thing, making sure every piece was perfect. The end result, of course, is the piece of art that you’re about to see.

Not only that, you’ll also get an extra treat as this Mitchell flies with other warbirds as well. Right after Apache Princess takes off, two Bf 109s join her in the air. Also large in size, this is one of the most spectacular Rc air shows we’ve found in a long time.

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