The Most Heartfelt Tribute To The Blue Angels–Hornets With Bearcats

The Most Heartfelt Tribute To The Blue Angels–Hornets With Bearcats | World War Wings Videos

Now That’s A Thing To Witness.

This video is one of the most beautiful things we’ve seen in a while, and it seriously tugs at your heart. Seeing both new and old pilots puts a smile on our faces and tears in our eyes. Brace yourselves.

This event was organized by the Blue Angels and the Horsemen. The latter are a bit less known, so we’ll fill you in if you’re not familiar although if you love World War II warbirds, you should.

The Blue Angels first performance took place on May 10th, 1946.

The Horsemen Aerobatic Team is the only group in the world which does its routine using Mustangs, Lightnings, Corsairs, Bearcats and Sabres. These guys have been around for a while and have stunned spectators at every show. Their pilots are meticulous and own their own aircraft, so their performances are truly spectacular.

For this installment, the two teams joined up for one of the best tributes we’ve ever seen. Inviting 90 year old aviators who used to be Blue Angels in the 40s and 50s, they but them up in the F8F Bearcats they use to fly. Their reactions are priceless.

Then, the Blue Angels flew alongside the Horsemen who got equipped in blue Bearcats like back in the day. This is simply awesome.

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