The Most Unique Perspective Of A Lightning Formation

The Most Unique Perspective Of A Lightning Formation | World War Wings Videos

Here Are 5 Of The 9 Airworthy P-38s In The World!

This fantastic footage was brought to us by Planes of Fame during one of their air shows. Based in Chino, California, the owners and volunteers of this museum have worked over the past 60 years to make it what it is today. Starting out with only 10 planes back in 1957, they now have 150 with a third of them being airworthy. Their annual show attracts over 30,000 people, making this two day event one of the best in the country.

During the 2013 airshow, Planes of Fame managed to scramble a total of five Lightnings that you’ll enjoy watching in this video.

This awesome video was shot from the cockpit of on of the P-38s. While flying in formation, you can really get a feel for these warbirds. Although music is typically not recommended for these videos as we all love to hear the engines, in this case it adds to the experience. You can still hear the faint hum of the Allison engines, but the patriotic music elevates and inspires you to think about the history of these amazing machines. All in all, this is pretty epic.

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