The Mystery of The WW2 Plane Lost in Greenland

The Mystery of The WW2 Plane Lost in Greenland | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / History X

On November 29, 1942, a Grumman Duck with a crew of three disappeared over Greenland in the middle of a search and rescue operation. 

The original two-man crew of this single-engine biplane was known for volunteering for several daring rescue missions during the war. That day, they flew with a third US service member to save a B-17 crewmember stranded on the tundra. 

However, the three men encountered blinding whiteout conditions and were never heard from again. Throughout the years, many have tried to rescue or at least find the remains of the crew – but all attempts have failed so far.

Fortunately, a US Expedition led by the Fallen American Veterans Foundation has now stepped up to locate the plane and finally bring the servicemen home. We wish them good luck!

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