The Only Footage Of A P-38 Flying With An F-35–Stunning Flight

The Only Footage Of A P-38 Flying With An F-35–Stunning Flight | World War Wings Videos

SSgt Benjamin Landon

Think About The History.

Let’s start of with the fact that we know that the F-35 isn’t the most popular airplane nowadays. We’ll also point out that if you don’t like it for some reason (and these are plentiful), you just have to suck it up. This is the plane that we’ll have for many decades to come according to the plan and there’s no going back.

The F-35’s designated name is Lightning II. As most of you on our site are World War II warbird fans, you know exactly where that name comes from…the P-38 Lighting. We know that a lot of you are upset that this new POS as you call it derived its name from this iconic World War II fighter, but trust us, the F-35 will prove itself.

For now though, just think about this. These planes were designed about 60 years appart. That’s not a really long time but look how far we’ve come. Only a half a century ago you had prop planes with all manual controls which flew about 400 mph. Now you have fully software dependent supersonic machines that can do things we probably don’t even know about. We’re not saying one is better than the other as most of you love props, radials and the history of older planes. We’re just pointing out the insane progress aviation experienced is such a short period of time.

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