The Proper Reaction After Being Buzzed At 200 MPH

The Proper Reaction After Being Buzzed At 200 MPH | World War Wings Videos

A Pitts Special Practicing For A Show And It’s Spectacular

This highly modified Pitts Special does something really special indeed. During practice for a show, this plane, adequately named Viper, flies by a cameraman at approximately 200 mph and it’ll make you jump out of your seat. The company that does this is named Viper Shows and can be hired to perform crazy stunts like this for any occasion. Judging by this video, you won’t be disappointed.

The Viper uses the Pitts as a foundation, but by putting in decades of new technology into it, it now flies almost 100 miles over the recommended speed limit of 210 mph.

The first Curtis Pitts were designed in 1943 as single-seat aerobatic biplanes. Although years of innovation went into the making it the plane it is today, it still remains true to its original exterior design. The highly modified S-2S you see here had its fuselage shortened by 14 inches forward of the cockpit to balance out a higher performance engine of 260 hp, but that apparently wasn’t enough for the Viper team. They fitted their Pitt with a 400 hp Lycoming engine because as you will see, they don’t mess around.

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