The Sound of Douglas A-1 Skyraider

The Sound of Douglas A-1 Skyraider | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Amateur Racing

No Words Needed

This beautiful warbird’s engine is just delightful to hear with your own ears. Its powerful radial piston engine is music to the ears of warbird enthusiasts. Its throaty sound leaves nothing to the imagination.

Of course, the Skyraider’s engine sound isn’t the only thing that’s amazing about it. Who could ever forget its foldable wings as it gets paraded on the runway? When folded, you can see the ordnance it has located on the underside of the wings. It’s just an amazingly-designed aircraft through and through.

The only thing missing is seeing it take off and fly up the sky. It’s truly one of the best planes America has put out. Enjoy this short clip of a Skyraider as it prepares for takeoff.

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