This A-10 Video Will Have You Seriously Enraged

This A-10 Video Will Have You Seriously Enraged | World War Wings Videos

Keep In Mind That This Can Happen To All A-10s Soon.

We all know that the A-10 has been on the chopping block for almost five years now. With budget cuts, sequestration and other political pressures, the life of the all powerful Warthog has been hanging in the balance. Although there are promising talks about their service life being extended to 2028, the deep money pit that is the F-35 program is making it harder and harder for Hogs to stay in the air. Although this video shows what appears to be an A-10 that did her service and was done (notice the patches,) it’s terrifying that this might be the fate of all remaining Hogs.

During the video, the cameraman laughs as the cockpit of the A-10 is “decapitated.” We didn’t find that so funny.

As you’ll see, used or not, the scrapping of one of these planes is really hard to watch. Not to get all sentimental, but those patch jobs all over that plane tell a story. The pilots must have went into some crazy hot zones to get shot up like that. The guys on the ground pinched in a tight spot must have been relieved to see it ‘brrrt’ them out of a tight spot.

Now, she’s just getting eaten away by that “claw.” It’s really sad to say the least, if not enraging just thinking about the fact that backdoor deals might make this a reality for all remaining Warthogs in the near future.

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