This Military Fails Compilation Will Make You Keel Over

This Military Fails Compilation Will Make You Keel Over | World War Wings Videos


Let’s Hope They’re All Still In Training.

Let’s face it. A lot of military recruits not just in the United States (as you’ll see in this video) but around the world are young. Like, straight out of high school young. They’re basically kids who just passed their last tests and now are faced with the real world. Here, we give them guns.

Although that might sound like a joke, you’ve got to admit that they are pretty entertaining when they start acting up. Although training in almost all branches is grueling, there’s some downtime in which these guys are bored. Couple that with some 18 year old testosterone and you’ve got yourself a four minute video which will have you bent over with laughter. To be fair, some of these guys that messed up were way older. Boys will be boys we guess.

This compilation has about 20 short clips in it that will keep you vastly entertained. From guys misfiring their guns (not funny, but no one got hurt) to a nice paralyzing judo chop to the neck (see 2:38), these guys are an endless source of entertainment.


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