This B-25 Puzzle Time-lapse Is Incredibly Satisfying To Watch

This B-25 Puzzle Time-lapse Is Incredibly Satisfying To Watch | World War Wings Videos

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Not too long ago we had some time on our hands and decided, on a whim, to put together a puzzle. Doing what we do, we looked around for anything related to World War II aircraft and we found an incredible 1000 piece B-25 Mitchell puzzle that we knew we had to have. Then, reality hit.

Here’s a picture of the puzzle and a really awesome wooden Punisher Scull. You can check it out here:

Although the picture on the box looked very picturesque, we didn’t realize that most of the background was made up of water, so basically, 80 per cent of the puzzle was some shade of blue and green. That’s not an easy thing to put together as you can imagine.

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We made a video for you folks that’s only 30 seconds long as we sped it up, but just as an interesting side note, the entire thing took us almost 40 hours to complete. One thing’s for sure; we found patience we never knew we had.

Incredible Time-Lapse Of A Difficult, B-25 Mitchell Puzzle

Just wait until the end to see who helped us the most with this 16 hour puzzle. :D

Posted by I Love WWII Planes on Tuesday, September 11, 2018

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