This Corsair Low Fly-Pass Will Give You The Chills: Insane Speed!

This Corsair Low Fly-Pass Will Give You The Chills: Insane Speed! | World War Wings Videos

MTAlex73 YouTube

The Little Girl In This Video Had No Idea What Just Happened. So Fast!

This is the best fly-pass footage of a Corsair we’ve found to date. While you can hear the Corsair approaching, it takes but 2 seconds from the time you see it as a dot to it being directly over the spectators heads. You can even hear the lady calling the Lord’s name a few times, each time with more panic in her voice! This is a really fast, really low flyby 🙂

Chance Vought F4U Corsair Specifications:

  • They have a wingspan of 41 ft. and a length of about 16 ft.
  • Their top speed is 417 mph
  • During missions, the could fly out about 500 miles, with a total range of 1,016 miles
  • They are powered by one Pratt & Whitney R-2800/2000 engine

The Corsairs were first fitted with the Pratt & Whitney R-28000 Double Wasp radial engine. This was the largest engine available at the time and generated 2,000 horsepower. This made it an extremely fast fighter at the cost of visibility however. Because of the size of the massive engine, the Corsairs had what was dubbed by pilots as ‘hose nose,’ meaning, to accommodate the engine, the front was extended, blocking some of the pilots view.

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