This CRAZY Low Corsair Will Give You An Adrenaline Rush

This CRAZY Low Corsair Will Give You An Adrenaline Rush | World War Wings Videos

When You Own Your Own Corsair, You Can Totally Do This For Fun!

This fast and low flying Corsair is owned by Raymon F. Thompson of Montana. A successful business man, it seems like he’s got some pretty good taste when it comes to planes. Obviously a licensed pilot, he gave people on the ground a thrill to remember when he buzzed them with his Corsair. What’s more, he was low and he was fast. The ingredients of every great warbird video.

This variant, the F4U-5NL, was a winterized version of the 5Ns, which were equipped with de-icing boots on the edges of the wings and tail.

Overall, only 101 such Corsairs were built, with 72 manufactured and 29 being modified for this role. Raymon here got his hands on one of these rare birds back in 1995 according to records. As far as her past, she didn’t fly during World War II, however, she was delivered to the Honduran Air Force in 1956 until being decommissioned in 1978. After that, she changed hands every couple of years until she ended up on your screen flown by a guy who loves to have fun.

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