This D-Day Plane Got So Low It’s Almost Unbelievable

This D-Day Plane Got So Low It’s Almost Unbelievable | World War Wings Videos

Some Pilots Are Just Crazy!

There were only a few times where we actually had to check if a video was real or fake. This was one of them but not because it looked weird (it actually looks legitimate) but because the actual flyby looks insane. By insane, we really mean insane without trying to hype something up.

In short, as is the video, it’s a DC-3 Dakota flying EXTREMELY low and buzzing the cameraman. He doesn’t make a sound, which is slightly suspect as that sort of thing would have had many people screaming. Aside from that, everything looks like it’s not CGI or manipulated.

DC-3s were called Dakotas by the RAF during World War II, while the United States called them Skytrains.

According to the description in the video, this Dakota belongs to the Historical Air Tours in Mt. Pleasant, Texas. According to the cameraman, the pilot had over 10,000 hours of crop dusting experience, 2,000 of which was in the DC-3 alone.

We did some digging online and we did find such a company in Texas and they do seem to operate a DC-3. Even still, we’re not sure what to think, because it says that this particualar plane went through D-day which we couldn’t confirm through the warbird registry.

Either way, why don’t you folks take a look and let us know what you think.

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