This Giant RC A-10 Sounds And Flies Like A Dream

This Giant RC A-10 Sounds And Flies Like A Dream | World War Wings Videos

This Is As Close As Most Of Us Will Get To Flying An A-10.

This great looking Rc was built by Mick Burrell and the video of him expertly flying it was captured in Hertfordshire, England. This relatively small Rc gathering attracts some expert Rc modelers and flyers but is very picturesque as itss held in a beautiful green pasture with rolling hills. Add these warbirds and you’ve got yourself one fine video.

Right before the A-10 takes off, you can see a Spitfire and possibly a Seafire parked to the right of it!

One interesting thing to note about this Rc is its paint scheme. It’s called “Flipper’ and was an experimental color scheme during Desert Storm. Although very neat, the A-10s finally received a 3 tone coat of brown/tan colors to blend to better camouflage themselves. It’s still really neat to see the Flipper scheme however, since you’d never see one aside from Rc planes. Overall, this thing sounds fantastic and we’re glad we
found it.

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