This Guy Really, Really Loves Virgin Atlantic So He Builds This

This Guy Really, Really Loves Virgin Atlantic So He Builds This | World War Wings Videos


This Is The World’s Largest Rc Plane.

All of you here have a passion for aviation, specifically, World War II planes. We love everything from Corsairs to Lancasters and can talk about them all day. Rainer Kamitz and Adi Pitz apparently also love aviation, however, they love commercial jets from the looks of it. More specifically, they really love Virgin Atlantic’s Boeing 747-400. That clearly shows in the fact that although we didn’t find the exact time frame, we’re guesstimating that they spent at least three years building this giant rc.

This giant 747 uses 4 IQ Hammer 140 engines which cost roughly $3,000 a piece.

As we’ve mentioned before we love our vintage planes and everything about them and to be honest seeing a commercial jet doesn’t really excite us. You’ve got to admit however, that this Rc is something else though. 20 feet long with a 19 foot long span, thing beast weighs 150 pounds!

One funny bit we do have to include though is the “golf clap” every single time the jet makes a flyby. They seriously don’t miss a single one. Don’t know why that’s so funny, but watch this and tell us that it’s not.

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