This Is How We Feel About The Recent Pokemon Go Thing

This Is How We Feel About The Recent Pokemon Go Thing | World War Wings Videos

Maybe A Bit Over The Top, But We Got It All Out.

Although this has nothing to do with our beloved A-10 Warthog nor planes in general, we did dig up some nice firearms to deal with the latest frenzy taking over the already ADHD-ridden minds of our population. Let’s start of with “we get it,” people will be people and some just jump on whatever train is the hottest. We however, have a different view of this fad.

If you don’t know what Pokemon Go is, just stop reading this for a second and look up from whatever device you’re using. Now, look around. Do you see people walking around with their phones fully extended in front of them? They look sort of like zombies. If not, did you notice anyone walk into a light post on the street or into traffic? Maybe you’ve noticed that more people are walking into you on the street in the past week than usual. If so, that’s Pokemon Go for ya.

As our Facebook news feeds fill up with more and more of this sort of stuff, some people just can’t take it. Like the guy in this video for example. He has a very interesting way to deal with his frustration however, and we certainly appreciate it. Have a look, you won’t regret it.

Like the doctor always says. You shouldn’t bottle things inside. Let them out.

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