This Is One Airshow You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

This Is One Airshow You Wouldn’t Want To Miss | World War Wings Videos

If You Missed It This Year, There’s Always Next Year.

There are many airshows in the United States every year, probably thousands around the world. Featuring what is left of the World War II era, we’re always really excited to see what these gatherings have to offer. Wings Over Camarillo however, is one of those special ones.

Located in Camarillo, California, this airshow “supports the nation’s youth with aviation-related programs, educational scholarships and endowments associated with higher education.” In other words, they put on a really great show to make it memorable for the youth attending. In terms of World War II aircraft, they have that for us too!

The airshow features many different events from historic flights to straight up aerobatics. As for that, they have Chuck Aaron performing stunts with a helicopter (the only person in the United States certified to do so.) Also, there is Vicky Benzing and Judy Phelps who are stellar pilots that know how to put on a heart-pounding show.

As for our favorite warbirds, this trailer features many famous performers from around the States. We caught a glimpse of a P-51, Hellcat, Bearcat, Spitfire, Zero and Jug just to name a few. All in all, if you’re in the area or close enough, don’t miss next year’s Wings Over Camarillo. It just looks too awesome!

Wings Over Camarillo Airshow 2014 Video Montage from AIRSHOWVID.COM on Vimeo.

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