This Is What Happens When You Violate Presidential Restricted Airspace

This Is What Happens When You Violate Presidential Restricted Airspace | World War Wings Videos

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No-Fly Zone.

Flying over the United States is a routine activity that many pilots perform without much difficulty. Aviators go through training, to follow regulations to ensure safety for themselves and other pilots. But every so often pilots might overstep their limits and be met with a greeting from fighter jets.

No-fly zones are established in several areas around the country for the protection of civilians from potential aircraft threats. These range from sporting events, military bases, New York City during United Nations sessions. However, the airspace over the President of the United States is easily the most restricted for pilots.

“Special use airspace is used to designate airspace in which certain activities must be confined, or where limitations may be imposed on aircraft operations that are not part of those activities.”

– Federal Aviation Administration

Pilots are given notices ahead of time by the FAA for established no-fly zones, but planes have been known to enter them anyway. A group of pilots took a camera crew up over restricted airspace where the President was located to show why this isn’t a good idea. Let this serve as a demonstration to pilots that these fighter jets don’t mess around when you cross the line.

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