This Place Will Fulfill Your Dream Of Firing M2s From A B-17

This Place Will Fulfill Your Dream Of Firing M2s From A B-17 | World War Wings Videos

We’re Assuming The Experience Is Worth Every Penny.

This one’s definitely for the bucket list for most of you. The Collings Foundation hosts a trip of a lifetime as they’re offering B-17 and historical aviation lovers a chance to experience being on a bomber crew. That’s right, you read that right. The proud owners of the B-17 named “Nino-O-Nine” are raising money for their bomber and give you the experience that you’ll hold dear to your heart for the rest of you life. They call it Bomber Camp!

This two day event will cost ya $3,900 but includes accommodations, food, ammunition and everything else you’ll be needing.

Ok, so 4 grand might not be within reach right now (hopefully some of you can jump on it right away though), but we are talking bucket list here. You now know that such a thing is possible, so start planning.

The first day of the experience is “pre-mission” training which is a whole day filled with WWII bomber history but you also get your post on the B-17 and get acquainted with your new crew. They go over duties and at the end of the day you get to practice on an M2 Browning.

Day 2 is action time. You get your mission briefing, you suit up, jump in a truck and head towards the tarmac. You load up Nine-O-Nine with ordinance and go up to complete your mission.

Here’s a little clip from the experience some lucky guys recorded. Also, here’s the link to the the overview and the contact info incase you’re interested. We have a feeling you are.

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