Thunderbirds Honor Fallen Blue Angel In The Most Heartfelt Way Ever

Thunderbirds Honor Fallen Blue Angel In The Most Heartfelt Way Ever | World War Wings Videos

That’s Just Awesome Of Them.

On June 2nd, 2016, the United States military suffered two accidents that have stirred much commotion in the aviation community. In the morning, Thunderbird #6, Major Alex Turner, ejected from his F-16, ditching the plane into an empty field in Colorado Springs. He landed safely and there were no casualties.

A few hours later however, tragedy did strike. The Blue Angels were practicing for an airshow in Tennessee when the #6 plane also crashed. Piloted by Captain Jeff Kuss, his plane fell from the sky as some footage showed. As of right now, the investigation is underway, but eyewitness’ reports and logistical results indicate the Kuss did not eject and stayed with the plane in order to steer it way from populated areas. He died a hero.
To commemorate him, pay their respects and keep his memory alive, the Thunderbirds decided to do something special. In a series of photographs taken at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, Thunderbird #5 Captain Nicholas Eberling shows off his new wheel well. With his maintenance team, he put up a decal of Captain Jeff Kuss’ name, his position as well as the Blue Angel logo.
It might be a small gesture, but it’s a powerful one. That name and the memory that comes with it will be there as long as this aircraft is flying. Also, it shows the unity of our armed forces, even when they’re promoting different branches.
RIP Captain Kuss.

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