Tiger Moth In Trouble Hit A Cow While Landing-Here’s The Video

Tiger Moth In Trouble Hit A Cow While Landing-Here’s The Video | World War Wings Videos

stevesa2k / YouTube

Just Grazed.

Let’s start this off with the fact that we’re not running out of things to show you folks. It’s just that we sometimes dig so far into YouTube looking for new information and videos that we stumble across something from, well, almost a decade ago. Since we’re primarily concerned with World War II aircraft, we can just trump this up to being historical in nature.

Back in December 2008, 43-year-old Rob Wotton took a then 84-year-old World War II airman on a joyride in his 1943 De Havilland Tiger Moth. The vet had earned a Distinguished Flying Cross during the war and flew Mosquitos performing low-level raids.

“I clipped her and she went rolling away but seemed unhurt and carried on grazing. The aircraft was very slightly damaged.”- Rob Wotton | Pilot

Things didn’t go as planned, however. The Tiger Moth experienced engine trouble and Wotton was forced to land in a field. The trouble was later discovered to be rusted particles blocking the carb.

Wotton saw some cows in the field and thought he cleared them all but there was one straggler left behind. It hit the port side wing and toppled over but Wotton kept the plane balanced and landed smoothly just feet ahead.

As for the outcome, both the pilot and passenger were alright and the cow simply got up and continued on grazing.

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