Top Gear Guys Lose It When They Get A Ride In Their Favorite Fighter

Top Gear Guys Lose It When They Get A Ride In Their Favorite Fighter | World War Wings Videos

Watch Jeremy, Richard And James Go Bonkers!

If you don’t know the show Top Gear (you should if you like fast planes btw), its about fulfilling your need for speed. The three hosts, Jeremy, Richard and James get to ride in every car of their choosing, walking their viewers through every spec of the vehicle.

Of course, the show wouldn’t be complete without them power sliding at high speeds as well! The show is fun to watch whether you like cars or not because of their personalities and that’s something you’ll enjoy seeing in this video as well. They love speed and beautifully engineered machines, so it’s no surprise that these guys’ dream was to ride in a Spitfire. On one of their episodes, they fulfilled that dream!

Here’s why these guys love the Spitfires:

  • By the last redesign, they were powered by a 2,340 hp Rolls-Royce Griffon engine
  • They had a maximum speed of 377 mph and a whopping service ceiling of 36,500 ft (Griffon equipped Spits nudged 400 mph)
  • Its specially designed wings allowed it to fly faster and turn tighter than its predecessors

Saying that they didn’t even imagine they’d ever be able to sit in one of these Spitfires, the three of them took to the skies and their reactions are priceless. They literally act like kids that were granted their favorite toy! It’ll definitely make you smile 🙂

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