What Top Gun Gets Wrong

What Top Gun Gets Wrong | World War Wings Videos

Wikimedia CC / Maj. Karen Roganov

It’s Not What You Think

This pilot gets interviewed about the common misconceptions about air combat. He remarks, “I think what we know about the movies is about dogfighting- it’s Tom Cruise and Top Gun and the entire world. That’s not the world of the F-35.” 

Wikimedia CC / Ministerie van Defensie

He said that they fly an essentially invisible airplane, and in their cockpits, they see everything that exists in the air, over the sea, and on the ground. Rather, he says that it’s more sophisticated with great distances apart but with also incredibly lethal and overwhelming capabilities. 

“Cause we are the guys that aren’t seen yet we see everything,” he added. 

Wikimedia CC / Staff Sgt. Joely Santiago

Pretty cool how advanced the military is these days!

What do you think? Did Top Gun get the fighter jet concept wrong? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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