Tourist Gets Too Close To Pitched Runway–Just Awful

Tourist Gets Too Close To Pitched Runway–Just Awful | World War Wings Videos

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This Actually Happens More Often Than Not.

Welcome to St. Barts. A heaven to those who can afford to got there and also an aviation lovers dream. This small French-speaking island in the Caribbean is home to one of the most dangerous, yet spectacular runway in the world.

As you’ll see in this video, planes need to approach just above a road, pitching downward down a hill to touchdown on a small and short runway ending in the ocean. It’s not the most favorite landing for pilots, but for people who love to get buzzed by planes it’s the best place to be.

Here, you’ll see a tourist who almost got his head taken off by the landing gear of an approaching plane. It was literally inches away from his head! What’s even crazier is that he just turned around and kept on taking pictures, almost unfazed.

One important thing that we want to point is that this is a 360 view video. For those of you who don’t know how that works, on your computers you can click on the image and drag it all around. This is particularly handy if the video starts facing the other way. Just grab and turn it until you see the guy in the white shirt. If you are using a phone, hold it in your hand and as you turn, you’ll be able to look in that direction.

Pretty neat stuff!

^P.S.-We found this video because there was a great WWII warbird airshow there back in the day. Here’s the link. Check it out after you see this guy come within inches of losing his life.

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