Towing Aerial Banners Is A Lot More Dangerous Than You Thought

Towing Aerial Banners Is A Lot More Dangerous Than You Thought | World War Wings Videos

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Up There.

Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, wait it’s a plane dragging an advertisement. We have all seen the advertisements in the sky that stick out like a sore thumb, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. Whether it is effective or a nuisance flying aerial advertisements is actually a lot more dangerous than most people think.

Aerial towing is done to showcase a variety of things including products, entertainment, political campaigns and everything in between. Perspective is everything and those flying advertisements are a lot bigger than they appear to be. An average a flying advertisement is about 40 feet tall and 100 feet long in order to be visible from a distance. Flying these banners is no walk in the park there are many dangers that come with the job.

Picking up the banner requires the plane to make a low sweeping pass and catch it with a grappling hook. They don’t always catch it on the first time and coming in that low also increases chances of crashing or getting the grappling hook twisted and caught. Check out this video to see the pros in action and that aerial towing is a lot more challenging than you thought

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