Triple-Fatal Crash Of V-22 Osprey

Triple-Fatal Crash Of V-22 Osprey | World War Wings Videos

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An Unfortunate Accident

Crashes involving large aircraft usually do not end well for the people involved. The crash that this V-22 Osprey had is no different.

Trying to land at the USS Green Bay, this Osprey, unfortunately, banked to the left a bit too much. The left part of the plane struck the ship first and everything went downhill fast after that. There were 26 passengers on the plane. Unfortunately, only 23 passengers were rescued alive. The remaining 3 passengers were pronounced dead.

What seemed like a routine training session, unfortunately, ended in disaster. The valiant effort by the rescuers needs to be applauded for their great work. Their swift response to the accident prevented more lives to be lost. Watch never-before-seen footage of the crash in the video below.

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