Typhoons Graze Canyon Walls In This Astounding Footage

Typhoons Graze Canyon Walls In This Astounding Footage | World War Wings Videos

Now That’s How You Do It.

In this fantastic first person footage, you’ll get to take a nice ride in a Eurofighter Typhoon as if you were the pilot. With an HD camera right behind the seat, every turn this jet makes will make your head turn with it, guaranteed.

The Typhoon first took to the skies in 1994 as a multirole fighter and is still in service.

Also, Flight Lieutenant Jamie Norris expertly flies his Typhoon through this mountain range, so everything goes smoothly according to plan. To make things even better, the audio in this footage is of the gentle hum of the jet engines and the COMMS between the two pilots, so that really puts you in the pilot’s seat.  No weird music that ruins every jet video out there.

As for the wonderful setting, the rolling hills and beautiful pastures these lucky guys are flying above are in Wales. Called the “Mach Loop,” this is a training ground for both RAF and USAF pilots. Their ability to fly low level and navigate mountain ranges is crucial for certain missions and this is the perfect place to do it. Hope you enjoy this awesome footage!

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