What U-2 Pilots Go Through To Avoid Their Body Fluids Boiling Is Intense

What U-2 Pilots Go Through To Avoid Their Body Fluids Boiling Is Intense | World War Wings Videos


That’s A Lot Of Work Before You Even Get To Work.

We all know about the elusive U-2 Dragon Lady. One of the most distinct looking planes ever to take to the skies, there are many unique characteristics about it. Aside from the actual planes however, their pilots are equally impressive.

We found a video which shows you exactly what they have to go through before each flight. Unlike most jets which require you to suit up, make a couple (in relative terms) checks and you’re off, flying the U-2 takes a lot of time of preparation by the pilot.

If you’re the impatient kind, skip 3 minutes into the video. That’s when the guys get’s put in to the chamber and they drop the atmosphere. You’ll see what it does to water and then, they inflate the suit. Watch his reaction. Priceless.

The reason for this is of course their service ceiling. Able to fly up to 70,000 feet above the earth, pilots need to wear space suits in order to stay alive. It is pressurized and supplies the pilot with oxygen. In case of a cockpit breach, the pilot would otherwise be killed instantly.

At that altitude, several things take an effect on your body. Hypoxia is one of them, which is simply your tissue not getting enough oxygen to survive. Decompression sickness is another one but most horrifically, being exposed to that atmosphere would make your internal liquids boil.

Watch this video and se how many things U-2 pilots go through before they set their foot in the cockpit. It’s pretty incredible that knowing the extreme risks, they guys still line up to fly these planes.

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