U.S.’ Nuclear Force Still Uses Floppy Disks-Here’s Why

U.S.’ Nuclear Force Still Uses Floppy Disks-Here’s Why | World War Wings Videos

Floppy Nukes.

Most of our subscribers and fans of our Facebook pages are of a certain age. Let’s just say, we’re better wine. For this reason, we feel like we don’t need to explain what a floppy disk is as we all remember using them.

The United States has about 4,000 nuclear weapons.

In an age of flash drives that can hold all of your life’s pictures and movies being streamed to our phones, it’d be safe to assume our greatest national defenses are far ahead of even those things.

Well, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Although our military as a whole is top-notch (think F-35, drones etc.,) our greatest defensive weapons are in the stone age. Although we have the most nukes out of anyone in the world, the systems that launch them are stuck in the 50s. The 70s at best.

Watch the video to find out more.

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