Untouched B-29 Plane Crash Site

Untouched B-29 Plane Crash Site | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Sifinds

Piece of History Frozen In Time

High up in the hill of Central England are eerie sculptures of a wreckage of a B29 plane that crash-landed on the site. The most fascinating about it is that you got the actual leftovers the way it was when they crashed. In fact, the site stayed as is, and we’re glad that it hasn’t been desecrated to disturbed too much even over the years. Thus, making us feel that the period was very much recent. 

In the video, you can see parts of the plane’s fuselage, wheels, landing gear, and other parts. There’s also a memorial dedicated to the downed American airmen aboard the plane. We salute these brave heroes who sacrificed their lives.

Definitely, a surreal place to visit, especially during foggy conditions like the video was shot. 

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