UPDATE | Blue Angels Resume Shows After Deadly Crash, But Still Looking For…

UPDATE | Blue Angels Resume Shows After Deadly Crash, But Still Looking For… | World War Wings Videos


It’s A Tough Choice.

Despite of the deadly crash that claimed the life of Blue Angel #6 Captain Jeff Kuss, the Navy just decided to resume their normal activities. If you haven’t heard the tragic news from two weeks ago, you can read the full story here.

The investigation into the crash is still continuing, but all remaining aircraft have been cleared for flight. The Navy’s spokesperson made it explicitly clear that the investigation is going to be extremely thorough and will take some time.

As of June 16th however, the Blues are resuming their practices in Pensacola, their home base. For the time being, they’re flying with five aircraft, saying that they’re working on naming a replacement for Captain Kuss by the end of the week.

photo source: blueangels.navy.mi

Steve Fiebing, spokesman for the Naval Air Forces, also mentioned that they’re looking at No. 7 pilot Lt. Tyler Davies (pictured above), but was unable to give any solid information.

Lt. Tyler Davies is currently the narrator at the Blue Angel’s airshows. He joined the Blue Angels in 2015 and has over 1,200 flight hours and also 220 carrier arrested landings under his belt.

We should know if he’ll be the new #6 opposing solo by the end of the week. No matter who they pick, we’re sure he’d make Captain Kuss proud.

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