USAF F-117 Nighthawk Takes Off

USAF F-117 Nighthawk Takes Off | World War Wings Videos

Reddit / u/harshcasper

The Wobblin’ Goblin

Have you ever looked at an aircraft and thought, “How can that thing fly?”. Many of those who have seen the F-117 Nighthawk tend to ask that question. Yet, it did fly and did so surprisingly well. 

This video taken from a US Air Force Base shows the F-117 taking off. Even though the Nighthawks have been retired for fifteen years now, a portion of its original fleet is still kept in airworthy condition today as training aircraft. They are mostly used in aggressor squadron and cruise missile training, and research and development.

In fact, the Air Force Test Center published a Request for Information for an F-117 support contract just last year, leading others to believe that the USAF intends to keep the Nighthawks airworthy until 2034!

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